Heavy Duty Adjustable No-Choke Dog Harness

Heavy Duty Adjustable No-Choke Dog Harness

Heavy Duty Adjustable No-Choke Dog Harness

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Using a HARNESS instead of a collar makes it easier to CONTROL ANY DOG! 🐕

A Harness spreads pressure over a larger area of your dog's body, REDUCING STRAIN on their neck and back! 🐶 

❌ No More Choking
❌ No More Bad Walks 
❌ No More Discomfort
✅ Easy On / Off
✅ Fits All Dogs
✅ High Quality

Harness Sizing (See table below for detailed measurements):  

 Dogs 15-25 lb: Small
 Dogs 25-45 lb: Medium
 Dogs 45-65 lb: Large  
 Dogs 65-90 lb: XLarge 

 If in doubt choose the larger size!

✔ If your harness doesn't fit then we will replace it at no cost!

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Harnesses are for any dog with a neck!

✔ Protects Your Dog's Neck & Throat
✔ EZ On / Off In Seconds
✔ Stops Choking
✔ Stops Coughing & Gagging
✔ Comfortable For Your Pet
✔ Best Harness For Easy Walks
✔ Helps Your Dog Walk With You
✔ Adjustable Straps
✔ Lightweight & Durable
✔ Reflective For Night Safety
✔ Hand Strap For EZ Grip

Better Walks For You & Your Dog, Guaranteed!

Our harness goes on in seconds!

5 Ways Traditional Collars Can Harm Your Dog:

  1. Strangulation
  2. Trachea Collapse
  3. Skin Problems
  4. Neck Damage
  5. General Discomfort

Persistent or strong pulling/lunging when wearing a flat collar can cause permanent damage to the sensitive throat area on your dog. That's why the NEW Heavy Duty Adjustable No-Choke Harness spreads the pressure across the chest of your dog, protecting their throats. Veterinarians recommend walking your dog with a harness!

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The Most Humane Way To Walk Your Dog Is With A Comfortable Harness!

*Limited Supply* Limit 3 Harnesses Per Order! Get Yours While They Last! 

Top Handle for EASY Pickup and Complete Control!

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