Cat Nail Caps

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Multifunction: Animals begin to get grumpy in spring. It is a good item for effective prevention of cat scratch disease, beneficial to cat claw carry out care. Avoid cat scratches on the affected area with skin disease, Protect your cat itself, and protect you when playing with them. You will never be worried that you will get hurt and it won't destroy your clothing. Protect your homes and furniture against destructive scratching by applying soft claws nail caps to kittens' nails.

Cat Nail Caps are made from natural vinyl resin. Safe and specially used for pet nail caps. Natural and comfortable, will not interfere with your cat's normal behavior. 

  • How to Use: The soft nail covers can be applied on easily if two people cooperate. TIPS: 1. Correct size is important. Try one on without the glue, trim the open end of the nail cap if it's big. 2. Make sure that fur are separated with the paw 3. Use a little glue into the cap, about 1/3. More tips, Please refer to the detail description below.


Product Specifications: 

Item Type: Claw Care

Material: Plastic

Type: Cats


What's Included?

20 x Cat Nail Caps


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